Monday, October 19, 2009


Happy Diwali to you all, been meaning to blog but just haven't had the time. Heartening to receive eco-friendly Diwali greetings with a go-easy-on-fireworks message.

I was working in my garage-studio all night and I rose sleepily this morning to prepare my son's breakfast, pack his lunch, see him off and then I went straight back to bed. I woke to the chimes of my doorbell. Three of my neighbors were lined up outside the door, one neighbor had brought a guy to repair my fence, another needed the name of a good plumber and the third was trying to get her dog off my driveway (when I opened the door, the dog dashed in). I stood there dazed trying to process what they were saying, and I had not even tied my hair, I must have looked like Surpanagai (a demon).

On returning from my walk with Murphy, I saw a huge Yucca plant sticking out of my neighbor's garbage. I immediately rang her doorbell and asked her if I could have it please? She's not much of a plant lover, she said, helping me carry the plant to my house. I didn't know that the Yucca plant has no spreading roots, the entire plant is like an amputated limb.

I love plants but I wouldn't want to own plants that need a lot of attention. They'd probably die under my care. I love the Yucca for its Giacometti grace (and the Margarita Palm) and besides I need some huge plants for my bathroom this is great.

* Incidentally, garbage is bagged in heavy duty plastic and collected in a bin which is cleaner than most people's cars :)


Rima Kaur said...

i am extremely late, but happy diwali nonetheless!

Anu Jayanth said...

Happy Diwali to you too :-)