Friday, November 6, 2009

The Finger Puppet

The Finger Puppet is now available through
Here's the link;


Rima Kaur said...

hey this is great news! now this makes your book more accessible! and i see that the back of this cover is different from the book i have!
and how are you these days? i havent logged in, in a long time and now its time to get back to business here!!!

Anu Jayanth said...

Rima dear, so wonderful to hear from you, yes, the cover's different but the contents are the same. I know parts of it are going to be hard-reading for some, but I don't want to be making major changes to simply gain a larger audience. I'm just hoping that The Finger Puppet will always attract and interest the more courageous reader -- in India and elsewhere. I'm doing OK....