Monday, November 30, 2009


We are a recycling family and we try to act responsibly about what we trash. In fact, I have often felt that garbage bags should be tagged and the City should do random checks and fine people who trash recyclable items (untagged bags will not be picked up). And then I trashed the thought, it’s not as if I’m always recycling conscious. One of the things I do not recycle is Murphy’s food cans. It would be great if he were vegetarian too, but he enjoys meat and I know it’s horrible that I’m indulging one animal with the meat of another. But as I have mentioned before, I find it hard to be rigid about anything. Anyway, I do get Murphy canned food but I just cannot bring myself to wash those cans and have all the residual meat in our drains So they go straight into the trash can.

We are extra careful about broken bulbs and especially the newer compact fluorescent ones. Last evening, my husband had left a used up bulb on the kitchen counter for me to dispose off safely. I was preparing breakfast this morning and I knocked the bulb over. Crash, there was a muffled silvery sound when the bulb hit the floor. I immediately went about cleaning the broken bits with a paper towel forgetting that these bulbs have mercury. The amount is very small, of course, but it was a very unwise thing to do. I ought to stepped out of the kitchen, aired the place and used gloves to later clean up. And another no-no was that after the initial hand-cleaning, I vacuumed the place. And ours is a bagless vacuum cleaner, duh!

Gosh, I just kids we’d play with mercury on our aluminum school boxes!


Rima Kaur said...

hello! long time! exactly how would you play with mercury with your aluminium school boxes?

Anu Jayanth said...

Sorry, Rima, I haven't been checking my blog! I moved to Facebook. How exactly would we play with mercury? We would put the mercury (I think we got it from thermometers) on the lid of our aluminium boxes and sort of tilt/move the box about so the mercury would separate and join, ah it was soooo cool!

Rima Kaur said...

oh! i should have guessed! :P anyway i am on facebook too! somehow i am not getting email updates of your follow up comments so i saw this right now.