Saturday, January 2, 2010

Airport Security

For the Christmas holidays, I packed my husband and my son off to Canada and had a grand time home alone. I had to pick them up couple of days ago. It was a dark and stormy morning (!) so I thought I’d take my husband’s all-wheel drive Subaru. My cell phone was dead, I grabbed my keys to the Acura to get the phone-charger from the car. But first, I locked the front door, deposited Murphy in the Subaru, and went over to the Acura but in that few minutes, I had lost the Acura’s key. Had I dropped it in the driveway? I switched on the Subaru’s headlights and searched a bit, no use. It was getting late, so I drove off to the airport where I waited and waited, no sign of my husband or my son. I used a stranger’s phone to call my husband, no response. I waited some more and then asked security if I could zip in and check. I re-united with my family at the baggage claim. My husband was surprised that Security had let me leave the car (all unattended cars are supposed to be towed away). One would think with the recent bomb scare they’d be extra vigilant. Should security use their judgment and act accordingly or should they absolutely not allow anyone to leave the car unattended?

Later, I found the car keys stuck in the rear fold-down seat of the Subaru.


Rima Kaur said...

you must have heard about the poor fellow who travelled all the way from saudi to jaipur in the plane toilet! imagine what drove him to this madness! what if he was shot?

Anu Jayanth said...

I googled the incident after hearing from you :) Yes, indeed, what if the poor fellow had been shot?!