Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Transformation

This is what my sister, Sukanya, does to me whenever I go to San Diego -- she loves transforming me into a graceful woman :-)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Baby Doves

My son brought home two dove babies in a food carton. He found them in a parking lot of the restaurant where he had gone for lunch. I transferred the babies to a shoe box lined with paper towels. We are feeding them dilute bird babyfood with an eyedropper, they are doing fine.

The dove babies have grown quite a bit in the last four days! Some months ago, we had ordered take-out from a Middle Eastern restaurant and they had packed all the food in this black plastic tray. The bottom has a geometric grid and great for the birdies to learn to grasp with their feet. The sides of the tray have these large holes and during the day the birdies snuggle there. Murphy's great with them but I have a laundy basket over them -- like a cage -- for their safety.

Long ago, a baby sparrow I rescued grew so attached to me that she just wouldn't leave the house. Our puppy Karun and she would play together. Kiki, the bird, thought she was a dog and when I called out, Kiki, she'd come running up my leg and climb onto my shoulders. It was a big task trying to get her to fly because she preferred running (like you, Ammani). She injured a wing in a running race with Karun. I took her to the vet and she was doing fine, but we were persuaded to put her in a cage, for her safety. The very day I put her in a cage she died.

Here's a pic of Karun and Kiki.

I just had a shower hence the towel around my head). The potted plant was Kiki's perch.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Miracle Juice

I have always been enviably healthy and I often feel guilty when I print, NONE, against the long list of diseases and ailments and disorders on medical forms. Any medications? NONE.

Lately I have been suffering from a recurrent cough. My sleep deprived husband had quite enough of my, it will go away on its own. This sort of foolishness must run in your family, he said. My cousin A died last year because she refused to be treated by a physician, she was very much into holistic healing. My resistance to modern medicine is just that I hate taking pills, I invariably forget to take them at the right time and I know I can mess up my system really badly if I don't follow the instructions.

My husband would have none of my reasoning and rushed me to the Minor Urgencies clinic on Westheimer. Just as I expected, the doc prescribed me an antibiotic. The cough persisted. Once more, I went to see my doc, maybe it was not the right antibiotic, she said. I don't want to take any more medications, I said. You're being very irresponsible, she said. But my pomegranate juice is working fine, I haven't coughed as much in the last couple of days, I said. She prescribed me an inhaler. Good heavens, I have never had asthma, I don't want to be inhaling anything. But your lungs are so tight, I can hardly hear you breathe, she said. If you have another of these attacks, your lungs will collapse and you could just die, she said, reading the results on my pulmonary test. 42%. I want you take all this seriously, I'm sending you to a pulmonary specialist and if he prescribes you medicines, I want you to take them.

So I went to the pulmonary specialist, he gave me a sample inhaler and prescribed me a cough medicine and asked me to come back in two weeks so they could do a series of tests.

I took two puffs of the inhaler, it was so bitter and the aftertaste just wouldn't go. Of course, if I had read the instructions before using it, I would have known to rinse my mouth with water after. Anyway, I decided not to use the inhaler. As for the cough medicine, I did not think it good to suppress my cough, let nature have its way. I continued drinking my pomegranate juice till the cough, vanquished, departed.

Last evening, minutes into rearranging my closet, I had a coughing fit and I could hear my doc's voice in my head, your lungs are going to collapse and you will die. I had no idea where I had tossed the darn inhaler so I headed straight for the fridge and drank some pomegranate juice. Guess what? I stopped coughing instantly, magically. Placebo or not, pomegranate juice works for me. The only thing that bothers me is the high sugar content and all my recently lost weight is creeping back again, waaah!

ps: I must remember to cancel my appointment with the pulmonary specialist.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Easy Meals

I hate cooking. When I'm by myself, I can fill up on a fistful of mixed nuts, some raisns, some yoghurt, some raw peppers...of course I spoil all this healthy eating by devouring a whole box of chocolates. But as a good mother, I make sure that my son is fed well. Here are some foods I prepare for him:

Vegetable soup.
Empty a carton of Central Market organic vegetable soup and a bag of frozen vegetables into a pot. Boil just a bit, don't overcook, add pepper and salt. Serve.

Italian Meatless Meatballs.
Saute one chopped onions and a pack of frozen meatless meatballs in a pan, add diced tomatoes, close lid, turn off stove. Serve with bread or pasta or rice or tortillas.

Spinach Curry.
Lightly saute one chopped onion in a pan, add frozen spinach, pepper and salt, close lid, turn off stove. Yummy.

Vegetable Curry
Other frozen vegetables can be prepared the same way with some curry powder or crushed red pepper instead of black pepper.

Raw foods Drink
Blend Kale, lemon, ginger, carrots, beets or any other vegetable in apple juice (or other juices). Don't worry about right proportions, the random picks gives the drink a unique flavor each day. Vita-Mix blender works great because you can toss in whole tomatoes and large chunks of veggies.

Microwaved sweet potato
Microwave sweet potato for 7 minutes. Enjoy.

A bowl of cherry or grape tomatoes, whole green, yellow and red peppers, carrots and cabbage to snack on.

My husband enjoys cooking, so when I'm in Houston I don't have to worry about what to cook. Or we eat out. I absolutely lovvve Middle Eastern cooking. In fact, I just got myself a vegetarian platter from Fadi's. Nirvana.