Sunday, May 24, 2009


Video clip of Suki receiving ovation at a concert by Raviji and Anoushka.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Woman On 29 1/2 Street

Inspired by a photograph someone sent me, I'm writing a short piece of fiction, about 600 to 800 words. I'm setting the story in Austin, on 29 1/2 street. The people on the street celebrate half birthdays and bake crescent shaped half cakes, it's a bit of a whacko story and so far all I have is a dribbling of words, but whenever I'm walking Murphy I find myself no longer outdoors but in a wallpapered room heavy with smells that are so oddly familiar.

And oh, I tried posting, unsuccessfully, a mini video clip of Suki (my sister's dog) accepting ovation at a concert by Raviji and Anoushka. Does anyone know how to upload a video here?

Thursday, May 14, 2009


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Amma and Appa. I wish I could say 'psycho' Appa but my sisters aren't going to like that :-)

The little girl in school uniform is my sis, Sukanya.

I am the little girl on the left (horizontal striped frock). My other sis, Vasuki aka Yashodhara is the little girl on the right.

Me and my baby.

Lilla, this was taken in YOUR house.

Another of Sukanya's (my sis) magic touch :-) No, I'm not pregnant here, just the unfamiliarity of wearing a sari.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The doves have chosen the top of the chandelier in the dining room as their permanent perch. I have to plead with them to come down and eat their meals and drink some water. They eat, drink and then fly back to the chandelier. The male stays down a bit longer, sits on my computer or on the back of my chair. They have grown so big and so rapidly, like Spock on planet Genesis. Originally, I had hoped they'd stay on in our yard where other doves often congregate, but we have tall windows and these two are likely to fly into them -- in an attempt to get inside -- and drop dead.

I contacted Houston Wildlife Rehab and Education Center to check if I could bring them over. Yes, because it is a federal offense to keep wild birds captive. These birds are more like honoured guests, in fact, I'm not sure I give my human guests such care and attention. WREC has had a deluge of wildlife with the recent storms, so they were OK with my caring for these two babies (***the honoured guests are Eurasian Collared Doves, an invasive species, and are now with the Wildlife Rehab***).

My sisters and I have looked after many small wildlife in India, including snakes and tree lizards that our cats captured. Since the cats were well fed, they'd play with their prey, which often suffered minor injuries. We'd help the bird or animal recover and release them in our wilderness compound. Once our cat caught a huge rat, which dropped in our bedroom when the cat was climbing in through the window. My sister (Yasho) and I chased the cat out and closed the window and door to the bedroom. We couln't find the rat anywhere and giving up our search went back to sleep. In the morning when we woke up, we found that the rat was snuggled under my blanket and in my arms! An old bandicoot, actually. We let it out, and watched it make its way into a gutter on our street. Amma, of course, sent a prayer to the ceiling and thanked God that I had not got bitten.

By the way, I have been advised to set deadlines for my next novel. So I have to start working on my drivel and see what I can do with all those words. I have a wonderful story taking shape in my mind...just got to Work, darn!

Previous posting:

When I keep the planter on the dining table, the doves stay there and watch me work until their eyes, droopy with sleep, close. If, however, I place the planter on the floor, then they fly up to the dining table anyway and sit on my laptop screen. They don't fly away from the planter even when I'm elsewhere in the house! We eat mostly at the kitchen table. There's lots of natural light in the dining room, which faces the entrance. So Murphy, the birdies and I spend many hours here. Early mornings or in the evenings, we are outdoors or on the enclosed deck leading off our master bath.